Hey! My name's Gene and I am skilled at the art of logo design. My strength is turning a simple idea into a full blown reality. I've been designing logos for nearly 15 years. During the last decade and a half I have mastered the use of Adobe Creative Cloud, particularly Adobe Illustrator.

I have extensive education and professional experience in my field of logo design and company branding. I deliver a unique experience to each client I have the privilege of working with. 

A typical client experience begins with a questionnaire. I like to know not only the business I am working with but also the person behind the business. This allows me to get a jump start on the project so that we can focus on the most important thing.. delivering you the client, a personalized experience from start to finish.

I like to lay out the project in three steps. Step 1 will begin the brainstorming and sketching process. Once I get the green light from the client we will transition into Step 2. Step 2 consists of turning that brainstorm and sketching phase into a digital version. If the vector image is approved and the client likes where things are headed we will slide into Step 3 where we will finalize the concept and make it web and print ready!

I'm excited to work with you. Let's create.

​​GENE POYNTER / Designer

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